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Make Time to Play – Pop Tennis Classes + Clinics

Wed, July 28 | 8 AM - 5 PM

We are excited to be partnered with Tiga Sports to bring a Pop Tennis court to The Shops at Farmington Valley!

POP Tennis is truly a sport that everyone can immediately play and enjoy.  It thoroughly engages and exhilarates you!

Unlike sports that require prior lessons or a measure of athletic ability, children, young and middle-aged adults, and the older set, can just grab a racquet and tennis ball, and go out and have a fantastic time. This makes POP Tennis a great family activity. Additionally, one of the fun things about POP Tennis, is that everyone has their own, unique playing style – so have a blast, as you find or create yours!

In POP Tennis, the court is smaller than Tennis, and the racquet or paddle is shorter — so that the hitting surface is closer to the hand — and the ball is less lively. Additionally, the net is lower, and the players serve underhand—not overhand, as in Tennis.

The huge benefits for POP Tennis players are that the rallies are generally longer; there is more fun and exciting net play and (net) poaching; there is less court to cover; there are no overhead serves to learn; and as a result, there is far less running and wear and tear on the back, legs, feet, and shoulders.